SBR is governed by the SBR Board, which provides broad strategic oversight of the SBR program, and the SBR Steering Group which guides the development of SBR initiatives including the resolution of operational issues. The SBR Steering Group may also act as a source of advice in respect of the strategic matters considered by the SBR Board.

SBR Board

The SBR Board, which comprises representatives from the major SBR agencies and the business community, oversees SBR's strategic management. In conjunction with other APS service delivery initiatives, the SBR Board considers and provides advice as to the priority and timing of expansion options. The SBR Board also provides advice and assurance to the Secretary of the Treasury as the business owner on behalf of the Government. Meetings are generally held two to three times per year.


  • Secretary to the Treasury (Chair)
  • Secretary, Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet
  • Secretary, Department of Communications
  • Secretary, Department of Industry
  • Secretary, Department of Health
  • Secretary, Department of Human Services
  • Commissioner, Australian Taxation Office
  • Chairman, Australian Securities and Investments Commission
  • Chairman, Australian Prudential Regulation Authority
  • Australian Statistician, Australian Bureau of Statistics
  • Deputy Secretary, Governance & Resource Management Group, Department of Finance
  • Deputy Registrar, Australian Business Register (as Chair of the SBR Steering Group)
  • Executive Director and Commissioner, Office of State Revenue Queensland (representing the eight State and Territory Revenue Offices)
  • Representative, Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • Representative, Australian Board of Taxation
  • Representative, Business Council of Australia
  • Representative, Council of Small Business of Australia (also representing the SBR Business Advisory Forum)

SBR Steering Group

The SBR Steering Group guides the development of SBR initiatives to ensure effective and responsive management for both ongoing operations and the development of new initiatives for consideration by the SBR Board. The SBR Steering Group provides endorsement, assurance and guidance on proposals, monitors performance against benefits expectations, and resolves cross agency issues.

Meetings are generally held four times per year.


  • Deputy Registrar, Australian Business Register (Chair)
  • Senior Representative, Australian Treasury
  • Senior Representative, Department of Communications
  • Senior Representative, Department of Finance
  • Senior Representative, Department of Health
  • Senior Representative, Department of Human Services
  • Senior Representative, Department of Industry
  • Senior Representative, Australian Taxation Office
  • Senior Representative, Australian Securities and Investments Commission
  • Senior Representative, Australian Prudential Regulation Authority
  • Senior Representative, Australian Bureau of Statistics
  • Executive Director and Commissioner of State Revenue, NSW Office of State Revenue (representing the eight State and Territory Revenue Offices)

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