Australian Reporting Dictionary

We are looking to retire the Australian Reporting Dictionary (ARD) due to lower-than-anticipated usage. However, before doing so, we would like to understand the impact on our users. If you use this service please email by 17 November 2017 and include in your email these details:

  • What you use the ARD for?
  • How frequently you use the ARD?
  • What will the impact be for you if this service is no longer available?

Business software with Standard Business Reporting (SBR) functionality incorporates standard terms that are used across government for reporting requirements.

The Australian Reporting Dictionary (ARD) presents these standard terms (or taxonomy) in plain English.

The online ARD supports government and business to find and use standard terms for policy and software development.

The ARD has two main views:

  • definition – a single dictionary term or data element reducing the need to create new definitions for reporting. A single definition can be used across any number of Reports. 
  • report– a grouping of definitions used in context of a report.

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