Benefits for intermediaries

Using business/accounting software that is enabled with Standard Business Reporting or SBR simplifies activities associated with government reporting.

Spending hours on time-consuming activities like filling out forms, re-entering data into different documents or systems, or interpreting agency specific terms on forms is no longer necessary.

SBR-enabled software provides increased functionality and improves the interaction between you and your clients using a single online channel.

  • Reduction of data entry - information is gathered directly from your clients' business records.
  • Increased productivity - less time spent on administrative activities gives you more time to provide expert advice to clients.
  • Sharing information – you can be part of your clients' business online and in real time to help them to understand how their business is tracking.
  • Greater certainty – if you have a subscription or cloud based package,  changes to reporting legislation are updated through your software provider.
  • Real time validation - you will get confirmation that reporting obligations have been completed and lodged.
  • Security - using AUSkey you can be assured of secure transmission.

We encourage you to talk to your clients about upgrading to SBR-enabled software.

information Now is the right time to talk to your software provider about the package that best supports your business needs.

Last updated: 22 Oct 2014
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