Benefits for payroll specialists

Depending on the submission channel you choose to report to government, you can save time and increase your productivity. Below are examples of the time it takes to prepare pay as you go payment (PAYG) summaries and tax file number (TFN) declarations using SBR-enabled software compared to other submission channels.

SBR software

Information is created and submitted directly to the ATO from your business/payroll software with just a couple of clicks. Using SBR, the process for each report will take about two minutes*.

ATO business portal

There are a few extra steps involved with submitting information via the portal. You must create and save an electronic file via your business/payroll software, log in to the portal, locate and attach the file and check lodgment has been successful.  This will take more time than if you are using SBR.  

Paper forms

Information is captured manually by completing forms by hand, then making copies and then posting them to the ATO. It is estimated that each PAYG payment summary can take paper lodgers up to 40 minutes* and each TFN declaration up to 20 minutes*.

*The estimated times include the conversion of payroll information to produce the form/file in the required format and submission to the ATO.  It does not include the collection/collation of payroll data, nor housekeeping tasks necessary to prepare for the production of the form/file. 

SBR is the most efficient submission channel

Using SBR, the process is streamlined and the number of steps minimal. Saving several minutes for each report makes for substantial gains in productivity over time.

There are other reporting obligations already SBR-enabled for example the business activity statement (BAS), the taxable payments annual report (TPAR), various State Government payroll reports and many more.

As SBR is applied across all business to government reporting obligations the savings for business will be significant.

Start planning now

If you are using business/payroll software, ask your software provider if they have an SBR-enabled package yet.

More information

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