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The ATO is the government's principal revenue collection agency with a large number of SBR-enabled services available and it bringing more online regularly.

In order to better reflect service and message configuration data, from September 2016 onward the ATO will no longer produce a Message Implementation Guide (MIG) word document.

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The ATO provides artefacts to help understand service/ message configuration, site navigation and latest publications.

  • ATO Service Registry (SR)
    The Service Registry lists all services and related messages offered over SBR Core Services and ebMS3 platforms. It also has dates when services are expected to be deployed into the External Vendor Test Environment (EVTE) and Production (PROD).
  • ATO Service Characteristic Risk Chart
    The Characteristics Risk Chart describes the way in which the ATO classifies APIs. This artefact needs to be read in conjunction with the Service Registry in order to understand how Risk Profiles have been allocated against Service Actions.
  • ATO Service Support Versioning Strategy
    The ATO Service Support Versioning Support PowerPoint outlines key concepts, life cycle states of a service, principles for supporting versions and the decommissioning process.
  • ATO Site and Document Maps (SDMPS)
    The SBR ATO Site and Document Maps (SDMPS) spreadsheet contains site maps for ATO content on and SBR Share File (with links where possible),  ATO Acronyms/Initialisms with their full form name and the ATO High Level Document Map.
  • ATO Taxonomy Architecture and Naming Conventions
    The ATO Taxonomy Architecture and Naming Conventions document outlines the differences between ATO and SBR generated taxonomies, along with naming conventions for files.
  • ATO XML Schema Generation Algorithm
    This document describes the algorithm used to generate XML Schemas from the Message Structure Table (MST) spreadsheet/s.  This algorithm will be applied to services produced from May 2017 onwards.
  • ATO Common Record Delimiter Validation Rules
    This document describes the validation that is applied to any message received in the eCommerce Bulk format.  These rules apply to messages received via the SBR2 platform or the ATO’s Bulk Data Exchange.  The format is covered in the ATO Common Message Implementation Guide.
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