Northern Territory Revenue Office (NT RO)

The Northern Territory Revenue Office is one of 13 government agencies in partnership with the Standard Business Reporting (SBR) initiative.

The components below will enable Software Developers to design, build and implement both the NT Payroll monthly return and NT payroll tax annual reconciliation SBR reports in their systems.

NT RO Payroll tax (PT) 

Name Version number Type Size Published date
PT MIG 2.3 PDF 1.6 MB 9 December 2010
PT MIG (tracked changes) 2.3 PDF 2.7 MB 9 December 2010
NT RO response messages   ZIP 7.3 KB  


SBR Core Service webservice

The web services components that are available online include:

  • Web Services Description Language (WSDL) files
  • Web Services Implementation Guide (WIG) 
  • Web services policy files
  • Security token message samples
NameVersion numberTypeSizePublished date
SBR web services implementation guide (WIG)2.2dPDF1.5MB18 February 2016
SBR web services description language (Java)  12.1 KB28 March 2013
SBR web services description language (dotnet)  10.2 KB28 March 2013

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