SBR enabled reports

The following list identifies reports that are available in SBR format.

The ABR Program releases SBR Reporting Taxonomies (previously SBR AU Reports) to ensure software developers can build and implement reports for loddgement from the reports available.

Australian Securities and Investments Commission 

Form name Form identifier
Financial statements and reports F388
Financial report attachment FINRPT
Notification of half yearly reports F7051
Profit and loss statement and balance sheet FS70
Statement to verify financial statements of a foreign company F405


 Australian Taxation Office 

Form name Form identifier
Activity statement AS
Capital allowances schedule 3424
Capital Gains Tax (CGTS) schedule 3423
Consolidated groups losses schedule 7888
Company Tax Return (CTR) 0656
Dividend and interest schedule 8030
Family trust entity election/revocation 2787
Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT) 1067
Fund income tax and regulatory return (FITR) 0658
International dealings schedule (IDS) IDS
Interposed Entity Election or Revocation 2788
Losses schedule 3425
Non individual payment summary schedule (NIPPS) 3422
Partnership Tax Return (PTR) 0659
PAYG payment summary annual reports PS
PAYG payment summary - individual non-business  
Personal services income schedule 3421
Rental schedule for partnerships and trusts 2682
Research and development tax incentive schedule (RDTIS) 3794
Schedule 25A (has been replaced by and only for use in 2011 CTR, PTR, TRT and FITR forms) 1125
Self managed super fund annual return 71226
Tax file number declaration TFND
Taxable payments annual report TPAR
Thin capitalisation schedule (for 2011 only) 6458
Trust return 0660

Superannuation and Reporting Standards 

Form name Form identifier
Super TFN integrity check SuperTICK
Contributions Transaction Report conttrans.request
Member Registration Request memreg.request
Rollover Transaction Request rollovertrans.request
Initiate Rollover Request sprrol.0001.initiaterollover.request

ACT Revenue Office 

Form name Form identifier
Montlhly Payroll Tax Return PTMRACT
Annual Payroll Tax Reconciliation PTARACT

New South Wales Office of State Revenue 

Form name Form identifier
Payroll Tax Monthly Calculator PTMCNSW
Payroll Tax Annual Reconcilation PTARNSW

Northern Territory Revenue Office 

Form name Form identifier
Payroll Tax Monthly Return PTMRNT
Payroll Tax June and Annual Adjustment Return PTAARNT

Queensland Office of State Revenue 

Form name Form identifier
Payroll Tax Annual Final Return PTAFRQLD
Payroll Tax Periodic Return PTMRQLD

Revenue SA 

Form name Form identifier
Payroll Tax Annual Reconciliation PTARSA
Payroll Tax Monthly Return PTMRSA

Tasmanian State Revenue Office 

Form name Form identifier
Payroll Tax Annual Adjustment Return PTARTAS
Payroll Tax Monthly Return PTMRTAS

Victorian State Revenue Office 

Form name Form identifier
Payroll Tax Annual Reconcilation PTARVIC
Payroll Tax Monthly Return PTMRVIC

Western Australian Office of State Revenue 

Form name Form identifier
Payroll Tax Lodgement Return PTLWA
Payroll Tax Annual Reconcilation PTARWA

Australian Prudential Regulation Authority 

Form name Form identifier
ADI - International operations ARF325
Bill acceptances and endorsements ARF320
Business finance statistics ARF395
Capital adequacy ARF110
Commercial finance ARF391
Commercial property ARF230
Debt/equity securities ARF320
Deposits and loans classified by State and Territory ARF320
Exposures to related entities ARF222
Fair values ARF111
Housing finance ARF392
Housing loan reconcilation ARF320
Immediate and ultimate risk exposure ARF231
Impaired facilities ARF220
Interest income and interest expense ARF330
Interest rate risk in the banking book ARF117
Intra-group receivables and payables ARF320
IRB - other assets, claims and exposures ARF113
IRB retail ARF113
IRB - specialised lending supervisory slotting ARF113
IRB - securitisation ARF120
Large exposures ARF221
Lease finance ARF393
Locational data ARF231
Market risk tables ARF116
Movements in provisions for impairment ARF220
Off balance sheet business/exposures ARF118
Offshore banking unit ARF326
Other operating income/expenses ARF330
Personal finance ARF394
Points of presence ARF396
Prescribed provisioning ARF220
REPOS and stock lending/borrowing ARF320
Repricing analysis ARF117
Securitisation ARF120
Selected revenues and expenses ARF331
Standardised - credit risk ARF112
Standardised - operational risk ARF114
Standardised - securitisation ARF120
Statement of economic activity ARF332
Statement of financial performance ARF330
Statement of financial position (consolidated) ARF322
Statement of financial position (domestic books) ARF320
Statement of financial position (licensed ADI) ARF323
Statement of financial position (offshore operations) ARF321
Statement of high quality liquid assets calculation ARF210
Claims expense and insurance recoveries (DMF) DRF310
Gross earned contribution revenue and insurance expense (DMF) DRF310
Insurance and sundry information (DMF) DRF100
Insurance by class (DMF) DRF310
Other information (DMF) DRF310
Outstanding claims liabilities (DMF) DRF210
Statement of financial performance (DMF) DRF310
Statement of financial position (DMF) DRF300
Intermediate insurance business FORM_701
Reporting requirements for FHSA providers FRF100
Asset concentration risk charge GRF117
Asset exposure concentrations and risk charge GRF150
Asset risk charge GRF114
Assets by counterparty grade GRF114
Claims development table GRF440
Claims expense and reinsurance recoveries GRF310
Claims expense by State and Territory of Australia GRF430
Concentration risk charge GRF170
Derivatives activity and risk charge GRF160
Details of income and expenses GRF310
Details of investment assets GRF114
Determination of capital base GRF120
Income statement GRF310
Insurance concentration risk charge GRF116
Interest in controlled entities and joint ventures GRF450
Investments - direct holdings and risk charge GRF140
Investment and operating income and expense, underwriting expenses and acquisition costs GRF310
Investments GRF140
Listed equity holdings and risk charges GRF141
LMI concentration risk charge GRF116
Maximum event retention and risk charge for LMIs GRF170
Minimum capital requirement GRF110
Movement in outstanding claims liabilities GRF410
Off balance sheet business GRF130
Off balance sheet exposure risk charge GRF131
Operational risk charge GRF118
Outstanding claims liabilities/provisions - insurance risk charge GRF210
Premium liabilities - insurance risk charge GRF210
Premium revenue and reinsurance expense GRF310
Premium revenue by State and Territory of Australia GRF420
Prescribed capital amount GRF110
Probable maximum loss for LMIs GRF116
Reinsurance assets and risk charge GRF301
Related party exposures GRF112
Statement of financial performance GRF310
Statement of financial position GRF300
Statement of financial position by region GRF302
Statement of risk by country GRF400
Asset risk charge LRF114
Assets concentration risk charge LRF117
Assets backing policy liabilites LRF420
Capital adequacy LRF110
Capital adequacy supplementary information LRF200
Capital measurements statistics LRF410
Derivatives activity LRF114
Derivatives, commitments and off-balance sheet items LRF210
Determination of capital base LRF112
Income statement LRF310
Insurance risk charge LRF115
Large exposures LRF220
Management capital LRF120
Off-balance sheet business LRF114
Operational risk charge LRF118
Prescribed capital amount LRF110
Related party exposures LRF112
Retained profits LRF340
Solvency LRF100
Sources of profit LRF430
Summary of revenue and expenses LRF330
Statement of financial performance LRF310
Statement of financial position LRF300
Statement of policy liabilities LRF400
Statement/summary of revenue and expenses LRF330
Asset exposures MRF150
Capital base MRF120
Claims expense and reinsurance recoveries MRF310
Derivative activity MRF160
Investment and operating income and expenses MRF310
Investments MRF410
Outstanding claims liabilities MRF210
Statement of financial position MRF300
Statement of financial performance MRF310
Responsible persons under prudential standard 520 RF520
Accrued default amounts SRF410
Asset allocation SRF533
Bill acceptances RRF320
Commercial finance RRF391
Debt/equity securities held RRF320
Fees SRF540
Financial statements SRF800
Fund profile SRF802
Housing finance RRF392
Immediate and ultimate risk exposures RRF231
Lease finance RRF393
Locational data RRF231
Personal finance RRF394
REPOS and stock lending and borrowing RRF320
Selected revenues and expenses RRF331
Statement of economic activity RRF332
Statement of financial position RRF320
Acquired insurance SRF250
Conditions of release SRF710
Defined benefit matters SRF160
Derivative financial instruments - 100 series SRF110
Derivative financial instruments - 200 series SRF210
Derivative financial instruments - 300 series SRF310
Exposure concentrations - 100 series SRF120
Exposure concentrations - 200 series SRF220
Exposure concentrations - 300 series SRF320
Investments and investment flows SRF530
Investments and investment flows SRF801
Membership profile - 200 series SRF240
Membership profile 2 SRF610
Profile and structure SRF601
Operational risk financial requirement SRF114
Selected disclosure of investments - 100 series SRF110
Selected disclosure of investments - 200 series SRF210
Selected disclosure of investments - 300 series SRF310
Self-insurance SRF161
Services SRF331
Statement of financial performance SRF330
Statement of financial performance - 100 series SRF100
Statement of financial performance - 200 series SRF200
Statement of financial performance - 300 series SRF300
Statement of financial position SRF320
Statement of financial position - 100 series SRF110
Statement of financial position - 200 series SRF210
Statement of financial position - 300 series SRF310
Superannuation entity profile - 300 series SRF340
Statement of financial position WRF320
Quarterly Business Indicators Survey1 Q1M
Quarterly Business Indicators Survey1 Q2M
Quarterly Business Indicators Survey1 Q3M
Quarterly Business Indicators Survey1 Q4M
Survey of New Capital Expenditure1 CAP
Economic Activity Survey1 1Z18S

 1. These are in scope for the SBR AU Taxonomy, but are not in scope for SBR AU Reports.

Note: For complete details refer to the Australian Reporting Dictionary.

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