This module provides an overview of how business can use AUSkey to connect with government online services.

What is AUSkey?


AUSkey is a single pass for login to an ever-growing list of business to government online services. Similar to the security tokens used for internet banking, AUSkey provides you with assurance that only the people you choose have access to your business information.


AUSkey has the potential to significantly reduce the number of user IDs and passwords you need to deal with government online on behalf of your business. AUSkey will allow you to:

  • report directly to government through SBR-enabled software (
  • login to participating business online services

Rather than having a separate pass for each government system, the one AUSkey will work for all. The following government agencies will accept the AUSkey for login to their business online services:

  • Australian Business Register
  • Australian Taxation Office
  • Australian Securities and Investments Commission
  • ACT Revenue Office
  • QLD Office of State Revenue
  • NSW Office of State Revenue
  • Revenue SA
  • TAS State Revenue Office
  • Territory Revenue Office
  • State Revenue Office VIC
  • WA State Revenue

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AUSkey replacement

We’re delivering a new, secure proof of identity app called myGovID and an improved authorisation service called Relationship Authorisation Manager (RAM).

Together, myGovID and RAM will replace AUSkey in March 2020. They are currently available in a public beta for eligible businesses.

Find out if you are eligible to take part in the public beta and try the new way to access the Australian Taxation Office Business Portal. Only a limited number of government online services are available to access but this will increase over time.

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Features of AUSkey

  • Fast and easy registration
    In most cases, you will be ready to use your AUSkey on the same day you register for it.
  • Flexible installation options
    You have the freedom to put your AUSkey on your computer, a USB stick, your organisation's server or a combination of all three options.
  • Online management facility
    Login to view and update your AUSkey details, change your password and more.
  • Automatic renewal
    As long as you use your AUSkey every 12 months, it will never expire.

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Types of AUSkey

AUSkeys come in three varieties; Standard, Administrator and Device.

The difference between the three types of AUSkeys
  View and update your own details Change your password Get additional AUSkeys Register other people for AUSkeys Register your business for a Device AUSkey View and update all AUSkey details for your business Cancel your AUSkey Cancel any AUSkey in your business Installation options
Standard AUSkey x x x       x   You computer's hard drive or a portable media device (e.g. USB stick)
Administrator AUSkey x x x x x x x x You computer's hard drive or a portable media device (e.g. USB stick)
Device Issued to a server or IP address rather than a person.
If you are a custodian for a Device AUSkey, you will be able to view its details in the online management facility.
Your organisation's server

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Register for an AUSkey

You are eligible for an AUSkey if your business has an Australian Business Number (ABN).

Learn more about the AUSkey and register for one on the Australian Business Register website.

The first person in the business to get an AUSkey will be assigned administrator privileges. Once they have installed their AUSkey, they will be able to make all subsequent requests for AUSkeys through the online management facility.

When you are ready to register for your AUSkey:

  1. Check if anyone in your business already has an Administrator AUSKey. If so, ask this person to register you for your AUSkey.
    Your Administrator will assign you administrator or standard privileges as part of the registration process.
  2. If you are the first person in the business to get an AUSkey, go to and select Register.
    You will need someone listed as an Associate of your ABN on the Australian Business Register to complete the form. Registration checks are based on your ABN details so it is vital you ensure they are up to date before proceeding with the registration process.

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Installing your AUSkey

Once you have successfully registered for your AUSkey, you will receive instructions for installing it by email. You will be able to install it onto your computer or a USB stick during this process.

Once installation is complete, you can login to the management facility at and view or change your own details.

Administrators will see some additional menu options for managing the AUSkeys in their business.

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Using your AUSkey

To use your AUSkey, work on the computer on which it is installed (or plug in the USB stick with your AUSkey on it) and:

  • use your SBR-enabled software
  • login to a participating business to government online service

When our AUSkey is required, you will be prompted to select your AUSkey from a drop-down list and enter your password.

Some government agencies require you to link your AUSkey to their systems before you can use it to login to their online services or report to them through SBR-enabled software. The process will differ from agency to agency. You will be taken to information to help you understand what is required as the last step in downloading and installing your AUSkey.

If your needs change at a later stage you are required to link your AUSkey to additional government agencies, return to and select Link your AUSkey to government from the left hand menu. This page will direct you to each AUSkey agency's instructions for linking your AUSkey to their systems.

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AUSkey and other online security systems

Some participating agencies offer their own security passes in addition to the AUSkey for login to online services that are not exclusively for business. This is to accommodate those who are ineligible for an ABN (and consequently, an AUSkey).

AUSkey is designed to exist comfortably with other online security systems. You can register for an AUSkey and continue to use any other agency-specific online security passes you require for personal affairs.

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11 June 2019
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