XBRL as the SBR standard for financial and SuperStream transactions




Standard Business Reporting (SBR) is a quick, simple way to prepare and lodge reports to government directly from business accounting or payroll software. It is a whole of government approach using common computer language for electronic service delivery.

XBRL is the designated SBR standard for financial transactions. Financial transactions include reporting from business and accounting software to the ATO and other SBR agencies, all SuperStream transactions and reporting as well as reporting from payroll systems for example Single Touch Payroll.

Now that this standard is well established, the SBR program is considering options for non-financial reporting areas of government (such as for Health and Environment reporting to government).  This may result in other languages being endorsed for particular domains, but will nevertheless leave XBRL as the designated language for financial reporting.

All reporting, no matter which domain and what type of reporting language, will continue to use the original SBR message standard and the Government approved messaging standard based on ebMS/AS4. For SuperStream reporting to and from the ATO ebMS/AS4 must be used with the inclusion SAML (AUSkey) authentication. For other reporting, including ELS2SBR, other ebMS features are being considered, but are not yet approved by Government.

The ATO has also recently been exploring with the SBR program the best way to deal with the few exceptional cases where high volume financial transaction reporting is likely to face practical limitations in processing these very large file types.  Initial guidance has already been provided for developers undertaking SuperStream implementations, with further advice expected shortly to assist those who will be getting ready for Single-touch Payroll.

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6 December 2017
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