Release details - 18 February 2021

The production taxonomy release is available on the SBR collaboration environment.

SBR AU Definitional Taxonomy (

Definitional additions:

  • 4 new dimension values

Definitional changes:

  • 1 changed dimension

SBR AU Reports (

Reporting changes:

  • ARF_210_3_1
  • ARF_210_3_2
  • ARF_210_4
  • ARF_210_5

Reporting additions:

  • ARF_920_4
  • ARF_920_5

Definitional Taxonomy

The following changes have been applied to the Definitional Taxonomy.

Datatype Schema

No changes to the datatype schema this release.

Information Classification

No changes to the information classification this release


  • DM740 Forecast Period Dimension


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18 February 2021
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