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An SBR registered software developer, through its authorised representative, has read and accepted the SBR Registered Software Products Disclaimer and Conditions of Use.

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The product register publication is optional. Please complete the below information if you would like to be listed on the SBR product register.
  • the end user product was tested against and produced the same results as the testing materials. The testing materials were provided by the Commonwealth for use in the self certification process of the end user product for particular SBR Agency reports.
  • the end user product meets all relevant functional requirements described in the SBR Materials provided or otherwise made available to me (including that its end users must submit their SBR Reports via the SBR Channel using AUSkeys, and prior to submission must be directed to the SBR Privacy Statement and agree to the SBR Channel terms of use set out in the SBR End User Agreement).

The software developer acknowledges that it is an offence under Division 137 of the Criminal Code 1995 (Cth) to give false and misleading information to the Commonwealth.

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17 Jan 2019
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