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Digital Transformation - SBR Strategic Reports
In October 2014, the SBR Board endorsed a number of strategies to increase the use of SBR services across government.

ABN Lookup web services - an easy add-on to your software
ABN Lookup web services is an easy way to add value to your business software. It can reduce the time your software users spend verifying the business and GST registrations of their suppliers. These verifications can be done instantly from within your software utilising ABN Lookup web services.

Benefits of SBR video released
A multimedia video on how Standard Business Reporting (SBR) works has been created to help explain the SBR process and make it easier to understand.

XBRL as the SBR standard for financial and SuperStream transactions
XBRL is the designated SBR standard for financial transactions. Financial transactions include reporting from business and accounting software to the ATO and other SBR agencies, all SuperStream transactions and reporting as well as reporting from payroll systems for example Single Touch Payroll.

Cloud software authentication and authorisation
The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) is streamlining the way businesses and registered agents interact with the ATO via SBR enabled online (cloud) software.


SBR Adopts International eCommerce Standards
The ATO has adopted international eCommerce standards for SuperStream. The SBR program has also announced that it will replace its proprietary interface with the open standard ebMS 3.0/AS4 profile.
This will make it easier for software developers to provide SBR-enabled software and encourage more businesses to take up electronic commerce.

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13 December 2017
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