Digital service providers (DSPs) can increase the functionality of their products by using Standard Business Reporting (SBR) enabling technology. The ability to communicate with the ATO via SBR is built into business/accounting software, allowing businesses to significantly reduce the time spent collating information, filling in forms and submitting reports to government.

There is support available to DSPs who choose to build SBR enabled products and services, including:

  • a specialist team to help with SBR adoption and helpdesk
  • information, tools and the software developer kit (SDK)
  • an external vendor test environment for product testing.

Benefits of SBR for DSPs:

  • Once registered to use SBR you will receive the SDK which provides information to ensure your products are compliant with government standards.
  • SBR provides access to machine credentials, as well as the executable code for software to use it.
  • You won’t have to spend time interpreting government legislation to incorporate into software. The SBR Taxonomy contains a harmonised set of definitions of all items to be reported to SBR-participating agencies.

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