In October 2014, the SBR Board endorsed a number of strategies to increase the use of SBR services across government.

To progress the proposed strategies, four service providers, including two international experts, were engaged by SBR in February 2015 to provide advice and recommendations. The strategies were divided into four projects in order to deliver specific foundational elements to enable the transformation of SBR and, most importantly, support its wider use across government and business. The service providers reports were delivered in May and June 2015.

These reports have also been presented to the Government's newly formed Digital Transformation Office (DTO) for consideration as part of their 'common government solutions' strategy.


SBR Information architecture
Provider: CAPSICUM Business Architects

CAPSICUM were engaged to provide advice and recommendations on how to best organise and represent the SBR dictionary to enable growth beyond the financial reporting domain and reduce complexity for software developers and agencies.

Expand and extend the design of SBR
Provider: NICTA (National ICT Australia) and Chasquis (Netherlands)

NICTA and Chasquis were engaged to provide SBR with advice and recommendations on a defined range of modern data formats and exchange standards, sourced from well-established technologies, and in use internationally.

Make it easier to access and use the standards
Provider: NICTA (National ICT Australia)

NICTA were also engaged to provide SBR with recommendations on how to make the proposed updated and extended standards (delivered in the previous reports) openly available for use by government agencies, software developers and others - including the development of government application program interfaces (APIs).  APIs can do much of the computer programming work for software developers and could enable the wholesaling of Government digital services, which in turn would allow 'service brokers' to design and operate a range of retail service solutions.

Implement e-Invoicing in Australia using the transformed SBR
Provider: Billentis  (Switzerland) 

Drawing on expertise from overseas government e-Invoicing implementations, Billentis were engaged to recommend a 'best of breed' e-Invoicing implementation approach for Australia.  This also included advice and recommendations on how to best stage an implementation, including how to cater for simple paper users as well as managing different sized market segments and industries.

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