The production taxonomy release is available on the SBR collaboration environment.

SBR AU Definitional Taxonomy (

Definitional additions:

  • No new data elements this release

Definitional changes:

  • 3 changed data elements

SBR AU Reports (

Reporting changes:

  • No changes this release

Other Changes

  • IFRS 2024

Definitional Taxonomy

The following changes have been applied to the Definitional Taxonomy.

Datatype Schema

  • No changes to the datatype schema this release

Information Classification

  • Business Accounting And Financials (02.90)
    • Financial Position (02.62)
      • DE15948 Liabilities.ThinCapitalisation.Amendments.Indicator
      • DE15949 Liabilities.ThinCapitalisation.EndOfTheIncomeYearEntityType.Code
      • DE15989 Liabilities.ThinCapitalisation.GroupMemberEBITDA.Amount


  • No new or changed dimensions this release.
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Release details - 20 June 2024