Australian Taxation Office (ATO)

The ATO is the government's principal revenue collection agency with a large number of SBR-enabled services available and is bringing more online regularly.

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Latest publication updates

Name Version Number Status Size Published date
ATO Artefacts and Location.xlsx n/a Living 790KB 25 September 2020

Service Registry

Name Version number Status Size Published date
ATO Service Registry.xlsx 3.67 Living 1.11MB 24 September 2020

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Common artefacts and reference documents

The ATO provides a number of common artefacts and reference documents to support DSPs (such as the ATO common business guides and the ATO Service Support Versioning Strategy).

Common artefacts and reference documents are here.

ATO page changes and content restructure

The ATO may change the structure and/or content on this site for ATO material. Where changes are significant they are communicated via various forums.

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25 September 2020
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