Obligation management (OBLMGT) has been separated into four sub domains (Client, Account, Lodgment and Payment).

Examples of functionality to support business processes have been provided for reference and are not exhaustive. Consuming parties that may be authorised for a given service are found in the ATO Service Registry, which needs to be read in conjunction with specific service artefacts (these can be found on the sub domain pages linked below).

Client Management (CLNTMGT)

Services within this sub domain support the business processes of:

  • Relationships – allows an agent or payroll provider to search for a new client, list clients with an existing relationship and add or remove a relationship at the client level, account level and/or specific role level.
  • Demographic information – allows users to list and update addresses, client details, financial institution details, authorised contacts and list associates.
  • Communication preferences – allows an agent to set, maintain, view and list communication preferences for their practice and their clients. Allows a business intermediary or business client to view communication preferences.
  • Client communications – provides agents with a list and view of client communications sent from the ATO.

Account Management (ACCMGT)

Services within this sub domain support the business processes of:

  • Account details – allows users to list Tax and Superannuation accounts.
  • Role details – allows users to list, retrieve, add, update and cancel Activity Statement roles, along with providing a view of Superannuation roles.
  • Transactions – allows users to list ATO financial transactions for a particular account or role.

Lodgment Management (LDGMGT)

Services within this sub domain support the business processes of:

  • Lodgment obligations – allows users to notify the ATO that an income tax return is not necessary for a given year or into the future. A separate service is also available to submit a lodgment and/or payment deferral.
  • Seeking a ruling – allows users to submit a request for a Private Ruling on a tax matter.
  • Review lodgment history – allows an agent to view the status of a single client's income tax lodgment history, by providing the lodgment status for the current tax year, previous three years history, the last year lodged, and up to 16 years history where the status is not lodged. A separate service is also available to access to list that includes expected due/overdue forms and payment dates, as well as lodgment history for Activity Statements, Income Tax and FBT returns.
  • Lodgment progress and outcome – allows users to view the progress of return(s)/lodgment(s), with a separate service allowing access to the outcome details for issued individual assessments supporting validation of the ATO processing against what was lodged.

Payment Management (PMTMGT)

Services within this sub domain support the business processes of:

  • Set or cancel a direct debit – allows users to request for the ATO to initiate a single direct debit (DD) of a client's nominated bank account where a Direct Debit Authority is already be in place or to cancel a single DD without cancelling the Direct Debit Authority.
  • Payment plans – allows users to view an account’s eligibility to a payment plan and calculate, create, recalculate, update, cancel, list and view payment plans.
  • Generate payment reference numbers (PRN) – allows users to proactively manage their debt by providing the ability to generate PRN details for available accounts and roles.
More information

The ATO provides a number of common artefacts and reference documents to support DSPs (such as the ATO Service Registry and the ATO Service Support Versioning Strategy). These can be found here.

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Obligation Management (OBLMGT)