Activity Statements (AS)

This page contains information and artefacts for Software Developers who have or are interested in developing web services that enable a business or their registered intermediary the ability to lodge and revise Activity Statements (AS) with the ATO.

The ATO provides a number of common artefacts and reference documents to support DSPs (such as the ATO Service Registry and the ATO Service Support Versioning Strategy). These can be found here.

AS.0001 (2009)

Name Version number Status Size Published date
ATO AS.0001 2009 v1.0 Business Implementation Guide.docx 1.0 Final 642KB 01 June 2017
ATO AS.0001 2009 Package v1.10 Content.docx 1.10 Final 241KB 24 August 2017
ATO AS.0001 2009 Package 1.10 Final 412KB 24 August 2017

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23 November 2017
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